Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deviled Pulled Turkey

Deviled Pulled Turkey
from LeighAnn Sondrup

Devil Sauce:

3 TBL Apricot Jam

3 TBL Dijon Mustard

Juice of ½ a lime

4 TBL of Vegetable Oil

2 TBL of Worcestershire Sauce

½ tsp of Salt

Pinch of Cayenne (more is you like it)

Mix all above ingredients.

4 cups of stripped Cooked Turkey

Mix Devil Sauce and Turkey. Allow to Marinate for 10 minutes. Spread on Cookie Sheet. Broil until Turkey is crispy.

I package of Egg Noodles

1 Package of Frozen Peas

Boil Egg Noodles. Drain. Mix Peas with Egg noodles.

Pulled Sauce:

5 TBL of Butter

2/3 cup milk or half & half

Melt butter in milk. Boil 2 minutes.


Noodles and Peas on bottom on Dish

Deviled Turkey on top

Pulled Sauce poured over top of that.

Garnish with Chopped Parsley.

Serve with Lemon Wedges on the side.

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